December 30, 2015

Best of This Blog in 2015 - Readers' Choice

It's time for the traditional end-of-the-year countdown of the most popular blog posts in 2015. In case you haven't read them yet, now is the time!

5. Beautiful and Mysterious Visoka Street

I'm sometimes not really sure whether it makes sense at all to write about a single street or building. This post was popular enough to prove it can be interesting. Maybe it's because this street is known of occurrences such as:

 "I hardly closed my eyes when I heard a loud clunking noise coming from my library, as if something fell. I thought it was the drawing board I had used earlier that day. And then, I heard something again, it was in the salon, the armchairs moved. I clearly heard the armchairs sliding on the carpet and then on the parquet floors. I heard the footsteps in the library and listened to someone opening the big old chest full of documents..." Read the whole post...

4. Alternative Guide to Christmas Holidays in Zagreb

Photo: Jasmina i lutkice

If you love holiday season, Zagreb is the place to be. This Christmastide was super successful as Zagreb was pronounced the best Christmas market by European Destinations.  This post focuses on under-the-radar events.

3. 500 Reasons to Visit Mount Medvednica

"If you're visiting mount Medvednica, try to find the 500 steps. The experience is going to remain carved into your memory, and maybe even into your heart, just like in my case. It certainly helped me realise that a person's life goal doesn't need to be world-altering. It doesn't need to make a huge and obvious difference. But if you hear whispers in your head telling you to follow a goal, any goal... work hard to get there and you're bound to leave a touch of magic in this world. "

Read the entire post about Mr. Horvat's strange quest. 

2. Zagreb Tunnels

"Despite all of these intriguing events and stories, the locals keep forgetting there is a huge tunnel under their hometown. And now, the city authorities have finally decided to open it up for public. It is being turned into a tourist attraction. But don't be mislead, they're not going to let us see all of it. Even if a part of the tunnel is open, there are still more secrets buried under this city, patiently awaiting to get unlocked."

This blog post has been pretty popular this year. It's probably because everyone wants to enter the Zagreb underworld. I guess the city authorities should make it their New Year's resolution to finally open up the tunnels for public, as they had already announced. 

1. Top 10 Little Known Free Things to Do in Zagreb

Sculpture gardens, strange quests, stargazing,... there are so many fun things to do for free in my hometown. I hope this list inspires some of you to stray off the beaten path and explore this city to the fullest.

Come back next year for more secret Zagreb articles! In the meantime, if you like stories like these, make sure to join one of the Secret Zagreb tours when you visit Zagreb.

November 27, 2015

Alternative Guide to Christmas Holidays in Zagreb

If you love holiday season, Zagreb is the place to be. The city center turns into a huge Christmas market with many creative spots and events.

But not all of us love crowds, some prefer the exclusive feeling of participating in the not-too-touristy events. Enjoy this pick of under-the-radar winter events in Zagreb that will make your stay here feel even more authentic and bring back the true meaning of the holiday spirit. 

Explore the courtyards with the help of Advent Calendar 

Advent Calendar was introduced last year with a photo exhibit in a hidden passage

In anticipation of Christmas, Zagreb is opening one courtyard per week to its visitors in the set of events called Advent Calendar. Each courtyard or street passage dreams its own quiet dream of life completely unnoticed by this city. The project isn't trying to invade the quietude, quite contrary. Architecture students organised Advent Calendar to offer clever ideas and breathe new life into those spaces. Enjoy creative events in different courtyards every weekend in December 

If you happen to be here on the weekend of December 19 and 20, make sure to join a little walking tour of the last courtyard, led by yours truly. 

Find the nativity scenes all over the town 

November 25, 2015

Top 10 Little Known Free Things to Do in Zagreb

When you visit Zagreb, get off the beaten path and discover its hidden corners. I hope this collection of 10 free little known things to do in Zagreb will inspire you


...and the first document ever that mentions the word Croatian in Croatian language in unique Croatian letters... is right here in Zagreb. It's a legal document known as the Baska tablet. Baska is a small town on the island of Krk, and the document was found nearby. Don't expect a yellowish piece of paper. It's 2-meters-long, 800-kilos piece of stone as old as this city. More than 900 years.

It's in Croatian, but don't let that discourage you. After all, not even Croats can read it. The letters are something you've never seen before. It's glagolitic, a historical Croatian script.

An anegdote says that the residents of the island of Krk tried to steal the Baska tablet when it was being transported to Zagreb. They were afraid people would have no reason to visit Krk anymore once the plaque moved to Zagreb. So funny, if you consider the fact that Croatian islands are much more crowded with tourists than the capital is. In fact, here in Zagreb, there's a great chance you'll be all alone in front of the monument. So, step inside the beautiful building of the Academy of Sciences and Arts on Zrinjevac square and see one of the most important Croatian monuments live.   

View from Marija Juric Zagorka's apartment. She was the first Croatian female journalist.

Zagreb is known as the city of many museums. A while ago, some magazines used to state it was the city with the biggest number of museums per square meter. I'm not sure if that's perfectly correct, but there are dozens

November 6, 2015

Zagreb Witches or Coprnice - Part Three


After learning how Zagreb witches got their local name coprnice, and reading about witches from Croatian folklore, the time has come to learn some useful skills. I'm not going to share the complete knowledge of the old witches from Zagreb. This is just a glimpse of all the things they were capable of.

After all, I'm sure they haven't really shared everything they know during the witch trials. Believe it or not, the following spells were found in the actual court documentation.

How to make a perfect hailstorm?

You hate your neighbour so much, that you are determined to ruin his vineyard? Zagreb witches have a perfect solution: strike the ashes three times with a three-year-old hazel branch. For throughout destruction, use the ashes left over after another witch's execution.

Zagreb witches send dark clouds to Zagreb from mount Medvednica

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