In the times of coronavirus threat, many of you are having questions and doubts regarding your safety and your bookings. Here at Secret Zagreb, we are also taking precautions and some rather strict measures:


There are no restrictions for small-group gatherings anymore which makes us available for small private tours at any time.


We are complying to the government recommendations and are cancelling our public tours till the end of May.


Our public tour dates, that allow you to simply get a ticket and join some of our tours, are usually restricted to 12 people. That’s a small number that guarantees a friendly experience. However, in June and July, all of our public tour dates are restricted to only 8 people. Only when life gets back to normal and all restrictions and official recommendations are lifted, we are going to return the maximum number of visitors to 12. We still don’t have a minimum number of visitors, which means we are going to organise a tour even for just one person.

What does this mean for you?

At the moment, we are not allowing more than 8 visitors per group (this refers to public tour dates where you will spend the time with people you haven’t met before, not the privately organised groups), even if your reservation is for months ahead. If you would like to join our tour and the group seems to be full on our online booking page, please let us know at info@secret-zagreb.com and we will put you on the waiting list. There is a possibility we are going to allow 12 people per group again for august and autumn months, even if the group seems full at the moment, if the situation gets better. However, we assure you we won’t bring such a decision before all the restrictions are lifted.


As the situation in the world is very unpredictable, and so are your travel plans, we are securing a full refund if you cancel your reservation up to 6 hours before the tour in 2020. Of course, change of dates is also possible. If you request a change of date, and are still not able to join us for the second date, we will process a full refund. Credit card refunds are processed at the beginning of each month, while bank transactions are processed once a week. This refers to all of our reservations, not just the public dates.

Please, bear in mind that we are a small business and we urge you not to take advantage of this policy. We will be grateful if you let us know as soon as you find out that perhaps you’re not coming to Croatia or Zagreb at all, so we can cancel your reservation without suffering significant expenses.


The insecure time could, in the following months, affect anyone’s health and safety. Tour guides and services in tourism are dependent and grateful on each and every guest at this time, and this could cause some irresponsible decision making by some businesses in the near future. We have set a crisis strategy and a part of it is to make sure to take all the precautions possible regarding the safety of both our tour guides and our guests. This means that, in case any threat is discovered, i.e. some of our guides might have been exposed to the virus, we will cancel the tour. In case this happens to your reservation, we hope you will understand this and respect our decision.

We would also like to ask the same of you. As travelers ourselves, we love to explore as much as possible while visiting destinations, so we perfectly understand if you don’t want to cancel an experience because of something that seems like a slight cold. However, if you feel unwell or have reasons to believe you were in contact with the virus, please cancel your reservation and follow the instructions of the authorities.

We hope this answers most of your questions. If there is anything we haven’t covered and might concern you, please let us know or and we will make sure to take it into consideration.

SECRET ZAGREB website is currently missing some information because of its makeover and maintainance.

Please download our brochure to check out the complete selection of our tours and quests or contact us at info@secret-zagreb.com for more info. Visit our new and improved website in the first days of June.