walk'n'hike tour to the medvedgrad fortress

*The fortress is currently closed for visit due to its rennovation. While we’re waiting for the new opening date, join our Into the Forest tour or Mountain Quest.

The hike up was relaxing and enjoyable and the view when we arrived was even better
— Ana on TripAdvisor

Zagreb is a town with a centuries long history. Wouldn't you expect from a town on a hill, a town that goes back to Middle Ages,  to be adorned with a lovely castle? Well, Zagreb has always been a free city, and no noble man has ever ruled over the city. That's why, if you really want to see a castle, you're going to have to put your hiking boots on, and head to the mountain on the north side of the city. That's where a 13 centruy fortress of Medvedgrad waits for its visitors with centuries of history and a handful of legends ready to be unveiled.


  • visit to Medvedgrad fortress, one of the most famous sights on mount Medvednica

  • get to know the mountain

  • short hike

  • history and legends

  • public transport tickets

  • tickets to Medvedgrad

  • tour guide with special education for adventourous tourism

The truth is, you can reach the fortress of Medvedgrad by car. But people who live in Zagreb generally don't do that. We usually take a very convenient public bus to a charming neighbourhood called Šestine, and from over there, we walk. That's exactly what we're doing on this tour. It is possible to stop for a lunch or a short break in a mountan lodge (additional costs of a meal and one drink can be up to 100 kunas).

This tour is designed as a private tour. It can be suitable for small groups of friends or families, but adventurous bigger groups enjoy it as well. The tour lasts cca 4 hrs.

Still, there's no need to be intimidated by the word "hiking tour". Here in Zagreb, it would be the first "real" hike for kids. In other words, it's quite managable, but you should still take it as seriously as any visit to nature.  Some parts of the terrain are uneven or slippery. It's always a few degrees colder in the woods. Please, make sure to wear comfortable clothes, advisingly in several layers, and comfortable firm walking shoes. Please, put an insect repellent on, because the most dangerous animals in the forests of Zagreb are the smallest ones (read: ticks).

If you have any special needs or requirements, anything that might be limiting, please let us know before the tour and we'll adjust it according to your needs.

This is a walk in the nature and it can be cancelled in case of bad weather for safety reasons.


  • 150 kn* per person for groups (3 persons or more)

  • 400 kn for a single or two persons tour

* Croatian currency kuna (HRK or kn): 10 EUR = cca 75 kn

Cover photo by Marko Vrdoljak for Zagreb Tourism Board

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