I first started the Secret Zagreb blog while I was preparing to launch Secret Zagreb Walks, creative city tours project. At first, I wanted to offer some sort of a portfolio through those texts. To make it clear what you get when you join me for a walk around Zagreb. You get tours wrapped in a yellowish old paper full of legends, and tied with a knot of mystery. Those packages are just like the texts from this blog - inspired by memories and feelings towards this city.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sharing facts, quite contrary. But, when creating tours, or texts for the blog, my starting point are memories. Memories of growing up in Zagreb and having lived here my entire life. Memories from my travels, and things that have left impressions. Memories of the very city, hidden in old family photos, grandpa’s tales or whispered by centennial trees sometimes late at night.

You can read all the general facts about a place you’re visiting anytime. But while you’re here, better grab a hold of some memories and a local touch. If you think alike, there’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy some of my tours and posts from this blog.

Secret Zagreb brings back some Zagreb stories back to life. Hope they will spark a wish in some of you to truly discover this capital... so melancholic, yet still underrated in terms of its uniqueness.
— Iva Silla, founder of Secret Zagreb