Explore mount medvednica.

How far can you go?

Entertaining hike in the mountains
— Vossel on TripAdvisor

Life and lore of Zagreb and its mountain Medvednica are innterconnected on many levels. Come and explore the mountain. Reach your level of activity and progress, and along your way, participate in a fun photo challenge.



  • chance to explore the mountain
  • follow the map and fun photo quests and reach your favourite level
  • learn about the local hiking customs

Earn one of the following titles:

  • Treasure Hunter: dare to enter the womb of the mountain
  • Forest Spirit: explore the forest trails and embrace the mystical power of nature
  • Ghost Chaser: become the guardian of mysteries and explorer of the unknown
  • Dragon Tamer: conquer the mountain and reach for the skies

Number of participants: from 1 to 12 people

Duration: half day activity

Meeting spot: by the white public clock on the main square (as indicated on the map)


  • 450,00 kn - 1-3 persons
  • 150,00 kn person (minimum 3 persons)


  • tour guide
  • snack and rakija drink along our way
  • tram tickets
  • quests

Contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.



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