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Best of Secret Zagreb for Mysterious October
5 October 2020

The most mysterious month of the year calls for some of our favourite tours perfect for this season.



Zagreb Earthquake 2020
26 March 2020

It happened. The moment we all knew was coming, but were hoping it might skip our lifetime. A big earthquake woke up the whole city on the 22nd March at 6:24 am.



Long Forgotten Tales
20 March 2020

This is a strange and such an unexpected moment for the 21st century, the kind of moment that makes it so easy to imagine ancient people gathering at the hearth, telling tales of bravery and hope during the coldest hours of hopelessness.



Love and Zagreb
7 February 2020

I’ve read a few times that Zagreb is one of the most romantic towns. After all, they said, it’s the home of the Museum of Broken Relationships. Ehm.. I hate to break it to you, but that particular museum is about relationships gone awry.



Zagreb is Back in October
18 October 2018

And then, October comes. All of the sudden, the Zagreb I remember from my childhood is back. This city lets its ancient soul come back to surface in October. This is the only month of the year when I’m completely sure that my city is still here.



New Tour by Secret Zagreb: Badass Women of Zagreb
15 September 2018

Croatia’s history is full of breath-taking battles, bravest heroes, improbable victories, amazing inventors… but, every local tour guide from Zagreb knows: nothing compares to the spark in the visitors’ eyes when they hear the incredible story about one remarkable woman: Marija Juric Zagorka, the first Croatian female journalist and the most popular writer. Read more...


Croatian Flower Born of Lightning
5 May 2018

If you stroll around Zagreb parks in May, get ready for a very special treat. A variety of iris flowers are in full bloom. Pay special attention to the flower of a gentle shade of violet and blue - it's her majesty Iris Croatica, Croatian national flower.Read more...


Mount Medvednica - How to Get There?
21 November 2018

Many travellers would love to visit mountain Medvednica that guards the city in the north. The truth is, there are more and more people moving to Zagreb, that have lived here for years now, but still feel that Medvednica is out of reach. So, you find yourself on the main square and want to get to the top of the mountain. How do you that? Read on and get ready!

Cut the long story short and tell us how to get to the top of the mountain, you say?Read more...


Christmas Carol - Seasonal Tours and Quests
3 November 2016

If the path takes you to Zagreb this Christmas season, make sure to turn to Secret Zagreb because we have a lot of interesting tours prepared. Read more...


Interpret Europe Summer Courses
15 September 2016

Many travelers visited the streets of secret Zagreb this summer. To be precise, in the last two months it was almost 500 people from all over the world. Those who visited in the last few weeks, might have enjoyed a slightly more special experience, though, because that's when I came back from Interpret Europe Certified Interpretive Guide course. Read more...


Movie That Starts With Opening of Underground Passages Simply Must Go Wrong
6 July 2016

Huge tunnel called Gric, that many people didn't even know existed, is finally renovated and you will be able to enter it Monday to Friday from 9 to 9. Have fun, I'm sure nothing can go wrong! Read more...


Family Travel: Visiting Zagreb With Teenagers
30 June 2016

Family with teenagers visiting Zagreb? I'm sure that some members of your family want to learn about the city, some want to stay active and try fun stuff, while some of you just don't want to let that iPhone go! Is there a way of exploring the city and keep everyone happy? I hope this post will give you some ideas of things to do in Zagreb together as a family, when at the same time, you can get to know this city. Read more...


Ivanje - Midsummer Night's Dream Croatian Way
23 June 2016

It’s St John's Eve - perfect time to learn the language of forest animals. It sounds pretty easy: all you have to do is go deep into the woods, protect yourself with a circle of salt and keep your sanity. Read more...