enjoy the local folk imaginary

It was the perfect tour to take in such a fascinating city, and I cannot recommend it enough.
— Susan on TripAdvisor

Take our Sleeping Dragon and Other Legends tour to discover ancient draconic folk lore, learn a couple of interesting facts about the strangest society around, and meet some sculpted snakes and dragons of Zagreb. Learn some esoteric mysteries and remain in hope that the sleeping dragon will not wake up during your stay in Zagreb…

Normally, the tour takes around 2 hours.

Contact us to check the availability of the starting date and time of your choice. This tour is only available as a PRIVATE TOUR.



  • Discover the story behind the dragons' sculptures of Zagreb

  • Unique opportunity to find out about some of the rich Croatian folklore traditions - stories, ancient beliefs, customs

  • Secretive symbols on the frontages

  • Stories about mysterious Croatian society that operates under the emblem of a dragon

  • Review of some flaming and tectonic catastrophes of Zagreb

  • Visit to the underground tunnel (if open during the tour)

This tour can be interesting for everyone, since we always adjust the stories to the age group. It's a perfect choice for school visits, but also as a daytime substitute for the Ghosts and Dragons Tour.


  • 1-4 persons: 350,00 kn* per tour

  • 5-10 persons: 450 kn per tour

  • 11-20 persons: 650 kn per tour

  • more than 20 persons: 850 kn per tour

* Croatian currency kuna (HRK or kn): 10 EUR = cca 75 kn

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