Medieval legends brought back to life

Sleeping Dragon Quest is inspired by interesting local legends. Before the game begins, our tour guide in a costume presents old tales about dragons and some mystical history. She gives them a book of instructions and tasks. The winner is the first team to solve all the riddles and finds the last required location.


  • storyline based on Zagreb legends
  • solve riddles and find the clues within the oldest part of town
  • stories about dragons brought back to life
  • possible adjustment to special requirements

Number of participants: reccomended minimum is 4 participants.

Bigger groups: this activity is great for small teams, but it's also a fun activity for bigger groups, please contact us for details and arrangements. It is possible to organise multiple events at the same time.

Duration: cca 1,30 h

Meeting spot: at the bottom station of the funicular (see the map)


  • 400,00 kn/ 1-3 participants (1 team)
  • 520,00 kn/ 4-12 participants (2 teams)
  • 45 kn/person for more than 12 participants

Contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.



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