The walking tour was a great way to see the sites of the city while at the same time providing a lot of great insight into the Christmas traditions of both Croatia in general and those local to Zagreb.
— Alex, TripAdvisor user


Seasonal wintry city tour shares an echo of times long past and folk traditions almost forgotten

When you get in the mood for winter sightseeing in Zagreb… or maybe you just want to find out some curious local facts... such as why did locals keep their turkeys on their balconies before giving them a full makeover and central position at the Christmas table… or some folklore traditions, like how to foretell the future Croatian way? Join us for our Zagreb Christmas Carol walking tour, and hear the whispers of the Christmas spirits and winters of old on the streets of Zagreb.


  • special winter city tour available Thursdays and Saturdays from late November til January

  • great way to get introduced to the holiday spirit of Zagreb

  • stories about winters of old, local folk traditions and customs

  • recommendations of all the best spots for your Christmas holidays in Zagreb

  • popular price



This tour is scheduled from late November till early January Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 am.

Number of participants: up to 15

Duration: cca 1,45 h

Meeting spot: by the fountain in front of the cathedral (see the map)

Price: 75 kn*/person

* Croatian currency kuna (HRK or kn): 10 EUR = cca 75 kn


Reservation is required. If you don’t feel comfortable paying for the ticket online, make sure to contact us and reserve your spot. Text, email or tweet will do the job.


If you'd like us to organise a private tour for your team or a group of friends, contact us to arrange the details and book your favourite date.

Recommended number of participants is up to 20, but there are exceptions, and it is possible to organise multiple groups at the same time.


  • 1-4 persons: 350,00 kn* per tour

  • 5-10 persons: 450 kn per tour

  • 11-20 persons: 650 kn per tour

  • more than 20 persons: 850 kn per tour

* Croatian currency kuna (HRK or kn): 10 EUR = cca 75 kn

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